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Digital Dentistry

The concept of digital dentistry emerged with the combination of modern dentistry and computer technologies. It stands for the production of dentistry applications with the help of CAD-CAM (Computer-Aided Design - Computer-Aided Manufacturing) production devices.


With digital measurement systems, it has become possible to produce porcelain fillings and porcelain crowns in a single session (on the same day) in the clinical setting by taking measurements from inside mouth with the help of a special camera in a brief period of time. Treatments are completed comfortably without any requirement for repetitive anesthetic procedures, or repetitive appointments, or a provisional waiting period thanks to these systems that eliminate the procedure of taking measurements by measuring spoons for people with a vomiting reflex. The first step is to get a measurement with the use of an optical camera. The measurement taken is transferred directly to the computer to which the camera is connected. After the computer turns the images into the three-dimensional form, margins and contours are determined by the dentist, and a design appropriate for the tooth is made. Following the completion of the design, the suitable porcelain block is selected for the restoration and milled with a micro lathe device. The porcelain obtained is polished and fixed inside the patient's mouth. The operative time is 1-2 hours, and the tooth is attached without any need to apply anesthetics again. Computer-aided systems are the future of dentistry thanks to the precise compatibility and the reduction of the margin of error they offer, while shortening the time.


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