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Porcelain Laminate Restorations

Porcelain laminates are thin nail-thick porcelain plates attached to tooth surfaces with special binding agents after minor corrections made only on the front surfaces of the natural teeth. It is a conservative method that preserves healthy tooth tissue, as it is applied only by cutting a very little portion (0.3 - 0.5 mm.) of the front part of the teeth. With this method, it is possible to achieve an ideal smile in about 2 weeks. Porcelains used for this purpose are reinforced systems prepared specifically. Worn teeth, enamel defects, broken teeth, tooth gaps, minor tooth deficiencies, and advanced discoloration problems that cannot be eliminated by bleaching can be corrected with porcelain laminate restorations in the front area.

When deciding on the application of porcelain laminate, there is a chance to see in advance what kind of changes the teeth of the patient will undergo thanks to the mock-up or wax-up applications made without cutting the teeth. In this session, the forms most suitable for the individual are determined by making various additions or omissions over the temporary fillings placed on the teeth. Then, these desirable forms are produced with extremely tiny and durable aesthetic porcelains permeating natural light, and they are attached to the tooth. The bonding materials are very strong, and the laminates cannot be removed from the tooth surface after attachment.

Porcelain laminate applications are treatment methods frequently used in recent years as they require only a little amount of cutting, they are not affected by discoloring agents, such as cigarettes, tea, coffee, and they bring the teeth to their ideal color and shape.